By Ally Krupar

Indonesia Report LaunchRESULTS Educational Fund, in partnership with NEW Indonesia, coordinated the RTEI partners’ meeting and workshop from March 21-23 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The meeting brought together five 2017 advocacy partner organizations, four 2017 global partner organizations, and three individual advisors that have provided important insights in prior RTEI consultations. Meeting objectives included:

  • To review, troubleshoot, and edit the RTEI Questionnaire
  • To develop and consult on RTEI methodology
  • To explore advocacy strategies with partners including: building partnerships, Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) monitoring and shadow reporting, education sector planning and local education group (LEG) engagement, Universal Periodic Review (UPR) reporting, parliamentary engagement and awareness raising campaigns, and media and technology advocacy.
  • To establish a global roadmap for education strategies related to RTEI

Meeting Results

In the meeting, partners discussed several advocacy strategies highlighted by RTEI 2017 advocacy partners in their proposals. These included SDG 4 shadow reporting, UPR submissions, LEG engagement, Parliamentary engagement, VNR reporting, and engaging media. Participants led sessions based on their expertise and national experiences, drawing on past advocacy strategies to discuss best practices and potential avenues for future advocacy. 

RTEI 2017 advocacy partners include:

Partners presented their advocacy strategies and discussed best practices and challenges in their work. Each RTEI 2017 advocacy partner is paired with at least one global partner, including the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), Education International (EI), RESULTS International AustraliaRESULTS Canada, RESULTS UK, and the Right to Education Project (RTE). Partner presentations focused on the goal, outcomes, and activities of their RTEI 2017 advocacy strategies. Each workshop was designed to explore specific strategies in more depth.

Feedback included the following themes:

  • Building a community of practice: We are building resources for continued communication using social media, a shared calendar, and an RTEI email list to share information, advocacy strategy reporting, and opportunities.
  • Planning 2017 advocacy strategies: Developing networks with global partners, participants emphasized specific reporting submissions and national engagement strategies.
  • Reviewing RTEI methods and Questionnaire: The methodological focus was on finetuning education financing indicators, cross-country comparisons, and alternative measures across diverse countries, especially in decentralized systems.

March 24, the final day of the meeting, showcased NEW Indonesia’s national report launch. NEW Indonesia hosted 120 people including international partners, ministry officials, media representatives, and students. The launch included presentations from Indonesian and international researchers about RTEI and the right to education in Indonesia. Presenters included Doni Kusuma A, M. Ed, an education analyst from Pendidikan Karakter; Zulkifli Jumelin, MIDA, a research from Network for Education Watch Indonesia; Ir. Hendarman, Head of Research and Policy at the Ministry of Education and Culture; Dr. Hayadi from the Research and Development Institute at the Ministry of Religion; and Ally Krupar of RESULTS Educational Fund. The session was moderated by Nur Hidayatus Syarifah, S.Pd, a Teacher and Public Speaker.

Indonesian media highlighted the event in the Jakarta Post, Detik News, and Republika News.  

Click here for the 2017 RTEI Partners’ Meeting Report.