By Mili Lechleiter

Following the release of the 2015 pilot report of the Right to Education Index (RTEI), 82 organizations from 40 countries responded to the call of applications to become one of 15 partners for the 2016 RTEI implementation round.

RESULTS Educational Fund is thrilled by the growing interest in RTEI and want to thank all of the impressive organizations that applied. We hope to collaborate with even more partners in future data collection and research rounds.

The RTEI team congratulates the 2016 Right to Education Index participants:

These lead partners in RTEI 2016 will collect data to measure their country’s satisfaction of the right to education starting in July until the end of August. Final RTEI 2016 results are anticipated to be shared in Spring 2017 after peer review, government review, and further country analysis.

In 2017, RESULTS Educational Fund will support in-country advocacy strategies utilizing RTEI research outcomes, hoping to inspire political dialogue and drive progress towards the realization of the right to education for everyone, everywhere.