By Ally Krupar

We are pleased to announce that the RTEI 2017 partners meeting will be co-hosted by NEW Indonesia and RESULTS Educational Fund in Jakarta, Indonesia from March 20 to March 23, 2017. RTEI partners and advisers will meet to share knowledge and experiences about advocacy strategies based on RTEI 2016 results, refine the RTEI Questionnaire and methods for the 2018 round of RTEI data collection, and launch the RTEI 2016 Global Report. 

RTEI Advocacy Strategies

RTEI Partners will share their advocacy strategies and engage in learning exchange opportunities with Global Partners to brainstorm best practices related to in-country and international campaigns using RTEI results. Advocacy and Global Partners seek to link advocacy activities in the Global North and South through joint efforts, including UN shadow reporting, parliamentary engagement, participation in Universal Periodic Reviews, and work with national education sector planning. Partners will also share experiences in international and national level advocacy, fine-tuning tools to be used in future advocacy campaigns and leading workshops on parliamentary engagement, media outreach, and other activities.

RTEI Questionnaire Review

The RTEI community routinely reviews and edits the RTEI Questionnaire, drawing on the networks’ diverse and extensive experiences advocating for the right to education worldwide. As an iterative and collaboratively developed tool, the 2016 RTEI Questionnaire will be revised and updated through partners’ suggestions for improving questions and index calculation. We will review each section of the question (Governance and the 4 As: Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Adaptability) and come to a consensus on any necessary changes or new directions to consider.

RTEI 2016 Report Launch 

RESULTS Educational Fund published the first findings of RTEI in the 2015 pilot report. This year, RESULTS and the 2016 civil society partners will launch the RTEI 2016 Report that highlights findings from the RTEI 2016 Questionnaire, compares countries in the areas of Governance and the 4 As, analyzes select cross-cutting themes, and features country pages including findings and recommendations adapted from country briefs developed by RTEI civil society partners. As 2017 will be an important year for global efforts to achieve more and better financing of the right to education and SDG4, the report will also include a thematic focus on education financing in RTEI countries.

Following the meeting, we will share results and updates about RTEI in the 2017 Partners Meeting Report on