The Right to Education Index (RTEI) monitors the realization of the right to education for everyone, everywhere. Since 2015, RTEI has expanded from five to 20 countries.

Following the release of the RTEI 2016 report and 2015 pilot, 64 organizations from 34 countries responded to the call of applications to become one of 20 partners for the RTEI 2018 data collection cycle.

RESULTS Educational Fund is thrilled by the growing interest in RTEI and want to thank all the impressive organizations that applied. We hope to collaborate with even more partners in future data collection and research rounds.

We are pleased to welcome the Right to Education Index 2018 participants:

2018 RTEI Partners

New partners in 2018:

Volunteer Respondents – For the first time in RTEI, we have also received interest from other civil society organizations who would like to complete the RTEI Questionnaire for their own research and advocacy purposes during the RTEI 2018 project cycle. We welcome the Albanian Coalition for Child Education, Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, the Irish Coalition for Global Campaign for Education, and other organizations that have expressed interest to contribute to the Index as volunteer respondents. If you’re organization is interested in using the RTEI Questionnaire as a volunteer respondent and would like data analyzed in 2018, please email

Returning partners:

The RTEI 2018 research partners will collect data to monitor their country’s satisfaction of the right to education from March 1st to April 30th. RTEI 2018 data will be shared in late 2018 after peer review, government review, RESULTS Educational Fund staff analysis, and partners’ country analyses.

In 2019, RESULTS Educational Fund will support in-country advocacy strategies utilizing RTEI research outcomes to inspire political dialogue and drive progress towards the realization of the right to education for everyone, everywhere.