We are pleased to announce the first RTEI Community of Practice presentations!Right to Education

In 2017, RESULTS Educational Fund supported five national civil society organizations partnered with the Right to Education Index (RTEI) to conduct advocacy campaigns based on their 2016 findings. Three of those partners will present the main issues around the right to education in their countries and the outcomes from the advocacy strategies they implemented to address these issues.

Join us on December 13, 2017 for presentations by NEW Indonesia, HakilElimu, and the  Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI).

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RTEI Community of Practice

Advocacy Presentations

Date: December 13, 2017

Time: 5:00 am EST / 5:00 pm WIB / 1:00 pm EAT /12:00 pm CAT


Anggie Dewirini and Abdullah Ubaid, NEW Indonesia

  • RTEI Score: 77/100
  • Issue areas: SDG 4 monitoring, Safe learning environments, Children with disabilities
  • NEW Indonesia will present four advocacy strategies related to RTEI including education policy, parliament, mass media, and citizen engagement. They will discuss advocacy outcomes related to children with disability and inclusive education emphasizing bottom-up approaches working with students, parents, and teachers. 

Boniventura Godfrey, HakiElimu, Tanzania

  • RTEI Score: 73/100
  • Issue areas: Gender discrimination, Children with disabilities, Data availability
  • HakiElimu will present the experiences conducting advocacy around pregnant girls’ re-entry to schools and overall gender discrimination in education in Tanzania. They will discuss the HakiElimu Friends of Education network and their use of media to understand national sentiment on right to education issues in Tanzania.

Liberty Matsive and Maxwell Rafomoyo, Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI)

  • RTEI Score: 72/100
  • Issue areas: Corporal punishment, Safe learning environments
  • ECOZI will share RTEI 2017 advocacy strategies to promote the right to education in Zimbabwe, particularly emphasizing the end to corporal punishment. They will discuss how RTEI was translated from research to advocacy in their campaign.